Car Towing Sydney

When it comes to towing, there are a lot of options to choose from. But, not all towing variants work well with all sorts of cars. There are several factors to note when choosing your car towing service. Important pointers like the size and weight of the car, vehicle type, condition of the car, towing area, and distance are key things to note.

So, when you need a tow truck to move your car, you need to know what works best for your needs and budget. Here are some details on the popular towing services that can help you make the right selection

Flatbed or Tilt tray towing

As the name suggests, tilt tray towing is a towing method in which the platform inclines down to the road. And the vehicle can be driven/pushed onto the platform for towing. In this towing mechanism, the car is completely off of the road and secured on an elevated platform. This is especially useful when the car is damaged and cannot be driven. Furthermore, it is relatively safe from other towing techniques as the car is away from the traffic.

This is quite convenient and quick, and without much hassle, the car can be swiftly towed through rough and busy roads too.

Dolly or wheel lift towing

The wheel lifts towing is one of the most common and cheap cars towing options. In this mode, the car is lifted using a lift mechanism that secures the car by either the front or the rear wheels. The lifted wheels are clamped and locked onto the lifting beams and the car is towed to the intended destination. Dolly towing is convenient and simple, but a good option for short distance towing.

Hook and chain towing

Though it is quite primitive, the hook and chain towing options are still used by some towing truck companies. In this method, the car is jacked to the tow truck through a hook and chain and then lifted, leaving the other two wheels on the road. It is quite a risky option, as there are the greatest chances for damage. But, if there is no other option, you can opt for this for a short-range towing.

Apart from these, you can choose from a variety of specialized towing services for your specific needs.

Exotic car towing

For those you own prestigious cars, opting for the generic towing solutions isn’t a smart choice. The equipment and setup might not work well with your car and also, there is a greater chance of damage. With exotic car towing services, you get specialized towing gear to suit your specific needs. And also, the towing technique is far superior to the usual ones. So, when you need to tow your prestige car, choose a car towing Sydney service that has expertise in handling exotic cars.

Heavy load towing

If you own a heavy vehicle, something like an off-road truck or sports vehicles, the traditional towing trucks cannot handle your load. And so, you need the big trucks to take care of your big loads.

Choosing the right towing service is important and this can mean a huge difference in your towing experience and safety of your car. So, opt for the towing service that suits your needs and work with a professional and reputed towing company.