The best way to tow is to Tilt Tray and Tow

People are always moving, and so their cars, boats, caravans, and whatnot. While it is not always sensible to drive your vehicle when you are shifting to a new place, towing them is just convenient. Over the past few years, vehicle towing methods have seen a shift, and lots of people choose to have a professional operator transport their vehicles instead of trying to do it themselves.

Doesn’t matter what you have to move, tilt tray towing is one of the best available transporting options. Here at Towing Truck Sydney, we offer a wide range of specialized towing and moving services. And our modern fleet operated by trained professionals helps us deliver customer satisfaction and reliable service.

Tilt Tray Towing Sydney

Why is the tilt tray towing a better choice?

Tilt tray towing trucks have a mechanized extension that lowers down towards the ground, allowing the vehicle/ transportation load to be loaded into the tray. Once loaded, the motorized tray rises back up into its place, and ready for transportation. Being different from the usual towing options, there are several benefits of tilt tow that makes it a popular choice amongst users.

  • * With the loading platform close to the ground, it is easier and convenient to load the vehicle/ boat, etc. without any hustle and exhausting effort.
  • * It offers a safe operating condition for the operator as well as the loading staff. Also, it is safe and risk-free for the vehicle being loaded, and keep it safe of operational damages.
  • * Tilt and tow are useful when dealing with heavy loads like an SUV, caravan or boats; or low chassis clearance cars like sports cars and custom work cars.
  • * Since the load is on an elevated platform, off the road, tilt tray towing is a lot safer and minimal damage risks.
  • * Since the platform is almost as low as the ground, with little elevation, one can simply drive over, making It quick and effortless.
  • * In conventional towing, like a two-wheel dolly or hooked towing, there is excess stress on the steering and chassis, and can sometimes lead to more damages. Alternatively, tray towing is safe and easy.

Accidents are unfortunate, but they are sudden and can happen to only one. And in case of accidents, the most important thing is to get your vehicle off of the busy road and get it towed to a workshop. With tilt tray towing, it is easier to load the damaged vehicle and it also keeps the car safe from further damage. Transporting the vehicle on a secured platform is safe for traffic and is also a cheap towing service.

How does tilt tray truck towing works?

Once in position, the tilt tray truck needs sufficient free space behind it, so that the platform can be extended/ lowered to the ground. For some models, the entire platform lays flat on the road with very little incline. While in others, the platform retracts from behind as a slide, and the vehicle can be driven onto the platform.

After loading and locked into its position, the motorized/ pneumatic systems lifts off the load and retracts the platform back onto the truck. And after final checks, the cargo is ready for departure.


Get the best towing experience with Towing Truck Sydney

For us, car towing is more than just moving a vehicle from point A to B. Here at Towing Truck, we believe in building trust and delivering satisfaction. With us, you get a little extra – extra safety, extra savings, and extra experience. We feel pride in offering a great service to our delighted customers and fulfilling our promise of quality and reliability.

When you call Towing Truck for tilt tray truck hire, we ensure our trucks meet our guidelines and fulfill what we broadcast

  • * We equip our pickups with modern towing equipment that meets the standards of modern cars.
  • * We offer round the clock service, across various locations. So, our customers can rely on us when are looking for roadside assistance or moving services for their vehicle.
  • * Road safety is our utmost priority. And so, our operators follow regular and stringent routine checks and maintenance to ensure that your vehicle is safe in hands.
  • * From roadside assistance, accident recoveries, and long-distance transport, we are ready to deliver quality service, proactive response, and happy experience.

Stuck on the road because of the bad engine? Bumped your car in traffic? Looking to ship your car to someplace else? Don’t spend too much time surfing the web for tilt tray hire near me. Simply make a call to the Towing Truck Sydney, tell us about your requirement, and share your pickup and drop location. Our service team will give you a quote and our operators will take care of rest.

When you choose to move with Towing Truck, you choose to move with the best.